Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy

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Deceiving the Sky Reveals the Inside Story of How Communist China is Seeking Global Supremacy and the Destruction of the United States

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put it bluntly: “We want people everywhere to understand the threat from China.” That warning underscores the special challenge posed to American security and the 21st century global order by the Communist autocrats in Beijing.

The very idea there is a threat from China will surprise Americans accustomed to thinking of terrorism and Islamic extremism as the foremost national security concern confronting the United States in the post 9/11 era. They couldn’t be more wrong.

The reality is that Beijing and Communist-ruled China pose an existential threat to United States’ national security of the sort not seen since the days of the Soviet Union. Whether we want to be or not, we’re engaged in new Cold War.

In his recent book Deceiving the Sky: Inside Communist China’s Drive for Global Supremacy (Encounter Books, September 2019), veteran investigative journalist Bill Gertz lays bare the Chinese ambition to dominate the 21st Century both militarily and economically … and how China increasingly views the United States as an adversary to be defeated.

Deceiving the Sky shines a light on threatening Chinese practices designed to undermine the U.S. economy, weaken and ultimately defeat our military, and diminish our global influence … and how our leaders in Washington too often failed to understand the preparations Beijing is making for a future confrontation with the United States.

In 2000, Gertz's book The China Threat was prescient in assessing Communist China's goals and intentions. Deceiving the Sky includes new details of the danger and proves his warning was correct.

Deceive the Sky to Cross the Ocean:

From ancient Chinese strategy, for wise military leaders to achieve victory in war they must be willing to deceive even the emperor himself -- or Heaven itself -- using deception to fool the enemy. This is exactly what Chinese Communist leaders have been doing to the United States in their quest to replace America as the world's sole superpower.


Deceiving the Sky is a great example of Gertz's special brand of investigative journalism...

"Readable, authoritative, and comprehensive, Bill Gertz's fine description and discussion is the first guide anyone should pick up who seriously seeks to understand China's immense, menacing, and yet baffling military buildup-aimed at us."

Arthur Waldron Professor of International Relations, University of Pennsylvania

"Bill Gertz is a renowned expert on the Chinese military and state security apparatus---as well as China's over-arching ambitions to become the next superpower. This valuable volume will help readers better understand the underpinnings of the increasingly ferocious 'new Cold War' between the United States and China."

Dr. Willy Lam Adjunct Professor, Center for China Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

"If a French journalist had successfully crafted in 1930 a devastating critique of France's weaknesses in relying on the Maginot Line, he could possibly have saved Paris and changed history. We should all pray that Bill Gertz is heeded in such fashion by his growing audience-much depends on it."

Ambassador R. James Woolsey Former Director of the CIA, 1993-95

"Deceiving the Sky is a great example of Gertz's special brand of investigative journalism: thorough analysis and a blend of leaked material, off-the-record interviews, official interviews, and research. Gertz's coverage of China's threats to the US and our allies in space and cyberspace makes this book a 'must read'"

Larry Wortzel Former two-time military attache at the American Embassy in Beijing

"Mr. Gertz provides detailed examples of how a special class of elites known as 'China hands' have failed to accurately assess and predict the aggressive actions of the People's Republic of China. This book is a clarion call for a change to forty years of an 'engagement at all costs' China policy."

James E. Fanell Retired Captain, U.S. Navy, Government Fellow at Geneva Centre for Security Policy; Former Director of Intelligence, US Pacific Fleet

"When Bill Gertz writes on China, everyone should listen"

Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy

In Deceiving the Sky

Bill Gertz reveals

The Chinese military buildup is designed specifically to cripple American military capabilities and to dominate the Asia-Pacific … and how the Chinese military is preparing for showdowns with the United States in space as well as the digital realm

How Chinese spies steal American corporate secrets and advanced technology to build up Beijing's military and surveillance apparatus … theft estimated to cost Americans as much as $600 million annually — a truly staggering sum

The shameful episode of the Obama Administration rejecting an application for asylum from a high-level, would-be Chinese defector over fears of angering Beijing

Why Beijing pursues policies to deceive Western leaders about their intentions … and how they depend on their “willful blindness” in order to succeed

How Chinese authorities have mastered “high-tech totalitarianism” to monitor its 1.4 billion people, crush dissent, and strengthen its chokehold on Hong Kong …. and how China plans to use its high-tech prowess to control the internet and gain advantage over Western nations

More than this, Gertz’s Deceiving the Sky shows how policies of appeasement toward China favored by Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others have utterly failed … and how the shift-change in approach taken by the Trump Administration is the best way to counter the growing China threat.

As Gertz explains, the current administration is fighting back, and is the best hope in a generation for countering China’s grand plans for achieving global supremacy under a new world order based on an ideology of Communism with Chinese characteristics.

Deceiving the Sky


Bill Gertz is a national security correspondent for the Washington Times. He is the author of numerous bestselling books on national security, military, and intelligence issues including Breakdown: How America's Intelligence Failures Led to September 11. He has been reporting on China for more than 30 years.

"Bill Gertz is not afraid to call a communist a communist...

"Deceiving the Sky is a great example of Gertz's special brand of investigative journalism: thorough analysis and a blend of leaked material, off-the-record interviews, official interviews, and research. Gertz's coverage of China's threats to the US and our allies in space and cyberspace makes this book a 'must read."'

--- Larry Wortzel, former two-time military attache at the American Embassy in China


Deceiving the Sky

Inside Communist China's Drive for Global Supremacy


Deceive the Sky to Cross the Ocean: An ancient Chinese strategy being applied today of using deception to fool the enemy into not responding to China's drive for global hegemony

How analysts at the Defense Intelligence Agency failed to properly assess the threat from China for 20 years

How the 40-year policy of unrestricted engagement with China failed to produce a non-communist, benign China

How the Trump administration initiated a fundamental shift in U.S. policy, focusing on the economic threat from China that has impacted all other US policies.

How the Obama administration appeased China, and ignored Beijing's massive theft of American technology

Chapter 1: How Communists Lie: The 2007 ASAT Test

New details of how China lied and covered up its destructive 2007 anti-satellite missile test that spread tens of thousands of dangerous debris pieces in space

How the ideology of Chinese communism employs lies and deception as a fundamental operating principle

Secret U.S. cables reveal how China lied to the United States and world for over a year about its ASAT missile test that destroyed a satellite

Chapter 3: China Wars: The Failure of Pro-China Appeasement

How Hillary Clinton gave up to Chinese security authorities a high-ranking Chinese defector who had sought refuge inside the U.S. consulate in Chengdu, China

How U.S. intelligence agencies inflicted a string of strategic intelligence failures on the United States related to China

How senior U.S. intelligence officials adopted and disseminated incorrect and damaging views of China within the U.S. government for decades, severely undermining American security

How a senior CIA official in charge of China admitted that past views of China not seeking global supremacy were wrong

Chapter 4: The Coming Space War with China

How China in 2025 could launch a space war targeting American satellites as part of a strategic plan to defeat United States

Chapter 5: Assassin’s Mace in Space

How the Pentagon's Joint Staff warned in a secret 2018 report that China will soon be able to disrupt or destroy US satellites in orbit

How China has joined with Russia in seeking to limit U.S. space warfare capabilities with a proposed ban on space weaponry at the United Nations

How China's launch of three small, satellite-killing robots in 2013 revealed how Beijing incorporated American multiple satellite-launching technology illegally transferred to China in the 1990s during the administration of President Bill Clinton

How China developed several types of space weapons to destroy U.S. satellites: Ground-launched missiles, lasers, microsatellites, cyberattack systems and electronic jammers

Chapter 6: Seeking Digital Superiority: China’s Cyberattacks

How the National Security Agency intercepted communications between Chinese hackers and discovered that China had hacked Boeing's military aircraft databases

How Chinese military hackers stole C-17 technology that cost the United States $3.4 billion to develop

A document outlining how Chinese hackers for six years broke into American corporations in the case of Chinese hacker Su Bin who led a clandestine hacking team that stole defense secrets on the C-17, and F-22 and F-35 stealth jets

Details of the flight test plan for F-35 jets stolen in the Su Bin case, along with technology used in the radar-evading stealth bomb launch system for the F-22.

Chapter 7: High-Tech Totalitarianism

How China has imposed massive electronic surveillance through phones, video cameras and other electronic devices

How Beijing has adopted a high-tech "social credit" system now being used to control the population, such as preventing citizens deemed engaged in political crimes from using rail or air transportation

Details on China's use of technology for the repression of more than 1 million Uighurs in occupied East Turkistan in western China

How Google collaborated with China's communist government in developing a censored search engine

Details of an internal Chinese propaganda directive showing how Chinese internet trolls target America and denigrate democracy

Chapter 8: Chinese Intelligence Operations

New details of China's use of the Ministry of Public Security, the national political police, in targeting U.S. intelligence, including a failed operation to spy on a U.S. military base in Key West, Florida

How the Trump administration launched a crackdown on Chinese spying following years of previous administrations ignoring the danger

How Chinese intelligence penetrated the CIA and killed or imprisoned as many as 30 recruited CIA agents in China

New details of Chinese spying operations provided by recently retired CIA counterintelligence official Mark Kelton.

Details of the betrayal of CIA operations officer Jerry Lee who spied for China after leaving the agency

Chapter 9: Influence Power: Beijing and the Art of Propaganda and Disinformation Warfare

How a conservative think tank caved to Chinese government pressure in halting the appearance of a dissident Chinese billionaire

How a former Republican Party fundraiser, Elliott Broidy, sought to lobby senior American officials as part of a scheme to forcibly repatriate dissident Guo Wengui back to China

Chapter 10: Financial and Economic Warfare with Chinese Characteristics

How China is waging economic and financial warfare against the United States

China's secret plan to coopt U.S. state retirement pension funds as a means of influencing American policies toward China

How China outlined its game plane for waging "unrestricted warfare" in a book by two Chinese colonels

Details of how the Trump administration for the first time in decades sought to stem China's massive theft of American technology

Chapter 11: Corporate Communism: Huawei and 5G

How China's is using Huawei Technologies in a bid to corner the world market on next generation telecommunications infrastructure and technology

How China plans to dominate cyberspace through controlling the Internet of Things, the network of billions of inter-connected electronic devices

Chapter 12: Military Might: World Domination Through the Barrel of a Gun

A war scenario outlining how China could conduct a global Pearl Harbor -- a surprise missile attack against U.S. military forces around the world

How China's military has been preparing for war with the United States for three decades

How China's military was able to beat the United States in a race to deploy a new high-speed rail gun. The technology for the high-speed projectile weapon was stolen in the early 2000s by a Chinese spy and defense contractor in California named Chi Mak

How China will soon deploy ultra-high speed hypersonic missiles capable of hitting any target in the United States with a nuclear or conventional warhead in 15 minutes or less, while capable of maneuvering to avoid missile defenses

China's 16 vulnerabilities that could be used by the Pentagon to defeat the People's Liberation Army in a future conflict

How a U.S. war plan would rapidly defeat China in a future conflict

Chapter 13: Flashpoints at Sea and China’s String of Pearls Expansion

How China's plan to take over Taiwan is part of a larger strategy of global domination

How Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned Chinese leaders in June 2018 that the confrontation over control of the South China Sea could lead to World War III

How China is dangerously seeking to turn the South China Sea into Chinese sovereign lake and control the strategic waterway that is used for the sea transit of up to $5 trillion in goods annually

How China's communist leaders had a secret plan for dealing with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis during his 2018 visit to Beijing

How China's 2 million-troop military has grown increasingly unstable as a result of political purges and anti-corruption arrests of senior leaders

How China's Belt and Road Initiative is a Trojan horse for global expansionism and military adventurism by Beiing

How China is quietly establishing a network of commercial port and land facilities as part of a drive to expand its power globally

China's growing threat to democratic Taiwan and Japan

Conclusion: What Is to Be Done? Declare China an Enemy, Liberate the Chinese People

The United States should begin a gradual economic decoupling from Communist China

America should counter Chinese financial warfare with a U.S. program of economic warfare

How peacefully ousting the Communist Party of China will be the first step in creating a free and democratic China

The United States should step up aggressive intelligence and counterintelligence operations against the Communist Party of China and its military, the People's Liberation Army

A plan to reform American diplomatic tools should be implemented to better confront and counter growing Chinese hegemony

The United States should develop a global network of democratic alliances targeting China that will seek to pressure Beijing into abandoning its totalitarian communist system and global designs

America should severely restrict activities by Chinese nationals in the United States and in allied nations by recognizing the subversion and technology theft threats they pose

American missile defenses around the world should be expanded as part of a strategy of neutralizing China's massive and growing force of ballistic, cruise and hypersonic missiles

The United States should launch "gray-zone" asymmetric warfare to negate China's similar warfares

America should create a democratic Chinese parliament in exile that will develop new policies for a free China

The United States should play the "Russia card" against China by seeking a free and democratic Russia aligned with the free world

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